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How to Categories Grade of Replica Watches

Hi everyone, Replica watches are a marvelous way to look sophisticated and stylish without spending a small fortune. For Examples From Rolex to Breitling to Omega to Tag Heuer  to IWC and Audemars Piguet.  Do you ever curious about how many types of grade to different replica watch in the Market? I think People will be very surprised why some of the replica watch price so expensive, some very cheap. Basically they are five grades of replica watches selling in the market. Firstly it is Grade 1A SwissReplica Watches.
Usually using either the upgraded 27 Jewel Swiss ETA movement, or the 25 jewel Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement, these Grade 1A Swiss replica watches have an approximately 70 hour continuous power reserve, which is identical to the originals. Production is hand crafted, and in very limited supply. Many websites purportedly claim to sell Swiss Grade 1A replicas, but please take caution, as many of the website they sell 1.1 grade watch as Swiss Movement Watches. 

Second grade selling in market is 1:1 Grade. It is 99.9% accurate weight to the original Genuine 440 grade (or higher) stainless steel construction 
27 jewel or 25 jewel authentic ETA movements Chronograph movements are either 7750 Valjouix, or manual wind. After exhaustive research and feedback from our customers, we have narrowed the field down to two genuine suppliers of these rare timepieces. 
At some expense, we also managed to verify the movement, crystal, gold, diamonds
with jewelers to establish that these websites actually market genuine Swiss Grade
1A replicas (AAA+)
.  Please be very wary of many sites marketing Japanese + Lower grade Swiss replicas as triple AAA+ grade Swiss replicas. 


Japanese replica Rolex watches are one of the most commonly found watches in the market. They are often very reasonably priced, well constructed with good quality and come with excellent warranties. If People don’t afford carry the hefty price tag of their Swiss counterparts. They should be Consider to purchase a Japanese replica Prices for genuine grade 1A Japanese replica watches usual range from £150 pound - £400. 

Swiss VS Japanese Replicas
Were you ever curious about what are the main differences between a Swiss and Japanese replica? This has been a question I have thought about for quite some time and even though I have made some extensive research I just couldn’t fully understand it until recently. I even sent numerous emails to the most reputable replica websites trying to get an answer, but this didn’t do the trick either. To be more exact, I have selected five replica companies to which I have sent inquiries about the differences between a Swiss and a Japanese Cartier Santons 100 replica and in return I have received some general information about the products. The answers were superficial and hesitant. The basic ideas were: that Swiss fakes have a better quality mechanism; Swiss imitations are made from a superior stainless steel and Swiss knockoffs are made with a more thicker and resistant gold plating. These answers seemed a little bit too vague to me.

Irritated by their inability of giving me a clear answer or at least an understandable one, I have decided to buy both versions of the same model and from the same retailer. This way I could compare both watches in terms of looks, quality and usability and see the actual differences with my own eyes. The Japanese one was about £200 and the Swiss one about £600. It took about a week or so to receive both products, and when I got them I was amazed to discover that just by looking at both replicas I couldn’t tell them apart.  Upon a close inspection I have concluded that both have the same weight, all the correct markings, the same size and feel. I could only notice a small difference in the color of the hands, but besides this small detail everything else is exactly the same.

Japanese Movement

Swiss Movement

Obviously, the inside mechanism is the basic difference between the two versions of this Cartier Santons100. The Swiss watch made Sellita SW 200 automatic movement with 26 jewels. After researching it online I found out that this is one of the most reliable mechanisms available on the replica market. Of course, tests were needed to confirm this so after more than a week I was pleased to see that my Swiss Cartier fake was losing only 3 seconds in a 48 hours time frame, which is actually pretty good for an automatic movement watch, especially for a replica.
The Japanese movement watches also has a high grade kinetic movement, but it isn’t as accurate as the Swiss one and when removing the back and seeing the inside mechanism you realize that it looks like scraped metal, at least, compared to the Swiss one.
It doesn’t take an expert to see the obvious. At a quick and superficial comparison of these two fake watches, unmistakably the Japanese Movement one looks like an inferior quality movement replica. Most certainly, it is not a worthy match for its more upgraded Swiss competitor. Even if at first it may look like these two are identical, upon a more thorough inspection you start realizing the huge difference that sets them apart both in terms of quality and price: the superior mechanism. For a luxury product it is essential to look flawlessly, but for a watch the time keeping capabilities are crucial because the bottom line is that you are buying a watch and not just jewelry.
In the end we just need to be honest and determine if we are only after the looks of a watch or after overall quality. If aesthetics is the only thing that interests us then the cheaper Japanese replica is the best option. It will look just like the more expensive Swiss movement one, but cost significantly less. While if a longer life expectancy and a highly accurate movement are the most important qualities when you are looking to get in a watch, then a Swiss replica is the perfect choice. This experiment has achieved what many replica companies weren’t able to give the correct answers to all the justified questions about Swiss and Japanese fakes. Now people may know what the actual difference is between these two and it will surely help readers and many others to pick out the replica suitable for both our needs and expectations.

Beside that 1.1 grade , Swiss and Japanese Grade Watch, they still got Asian Replica Watches.


It is the largest category of replica quality. The 'asian' replica or we called AAA Grade Watches. 
The AAA Grade build quality can range from anything from decent to atrocious, since there are literally thousands of factories in Asia churning these low grade replicas out by the hundreds of thousands. It should be priced no more than £10 - £50
(although most websites try to pass it off as Japanese, and sell for $200 - $400),
and is rarely expected to last for any amount of time at all. 
The palpable imperfection of the AAA Grade watches is the clear glass casing to show the swinging movements and the common flaw found in the watches is that there are no screws in the watch band with the metal wrap, which makes itself the band. 
They all have disparities of China-made movements, with stainless steel plated and as well as phony gold plating at times. Even though the value of the replica watch is not as low-priced as the battery operated quartz replicas, a lot of people can make out they are false just by one glance. 
Typically, an AAA Grade replica watch is often much lighter than the original, may also often use quartz movement instead of automatic movement.
Wow~ Now we just released that the high imitation goods technology has been able to copy out to such a high-quality goods and above is the grade of replica watches sell in the market. Lastly, writer highly recommended this website  you may feel free to visit this website and Facebook Page :FTT WORLD/ FTTONLINE. This website has been do online business for eight years and in this website they have variety brand and different grade of goods. They are honestly business man and they will tell true to their customer.  What is the quality of the goods say what the quality of goods, will not sell low-end goods when the high-end goods. It is suitable for most readers who are interested in replicas, and enjoy the novelty of having a large selection of different brands or grade of products. 


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  7. Hi there! You mentioned that after some exhaustive research and feedback from your customers, you have narrowed the field down to two genuine suppliers of these rare timepieces. May I know which are the 2 Swiss Grade A1 and Grade 1:1 online sellers and their websites?

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  9. Just to clarify that Replica watches are manufactured and made in China, this means that all parts are made in China. there is no single element that is imported from another country, such as the movement, they are NOT made in Swiss or Japan. Therefore; the replica watches vary from low to high level which eventually affect how much you pay. The High end AAA is a little bit expensive because of the quality is pretty high but all elements are made and manufactured in China. Please do NOT believe that Chinese companies will import anything from other countries into their products, but we can believe that other countries can import from China to add to their products.

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